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MACM Insurance Services, Inc., is dedicated to meeting the insurance needs of healthcare providers and organizations. From solo practitioners to integrated health systems, MACM Insurance Services has strategically positioned itself to help its customers manage risk.

The ever-increasing liability exposures within medical offices and hospitals have created insurance needs separate from the professional liability offered by Medical Assurance Company of Mississippi. The solution is MACM Insurance Services. Coverage for hospitals and hard-to-place individual practitioners continue to be a need met by MACM Insurance Services through its professional liability segment. Medical offices today are exposed to risk associated with personnel and management issues, Medicare/Medicaid fraud and abuse,  HIPAA violations, and more; MACM Insurance Services has products to match these needs.

As various companies introduce new and beneficial lines of insurance to the health care industry, our agents will seek to analyze and offer these unique products to our clients.

The information contained herein is for general purposes only with out any warranties of any kind. This information does not alter or expand any available coverages. If interested in a particular product, you should contact MACM Insurance Services, Inc. to determine whether that product is available and to request a copy of the applicable policy or other documents for a complete description of the product.

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